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The Worthintgon Weekly

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Local boy serves, makes town proud



Our boy Lieutenant Jimmy Cross, (bottom row, far right) with his platoon.  


Rusty Shoots, Reporter

      Local boy Jimmy Cross is making Worthington proud by serving in Vietnam. Lieutnenant Cross left Parris Island and is stationed in the volatile Quang Nai Province for the duration of his tour. Cross has been in Vietnam for four months and is positive about the experience. "We are in the jungle a lot. We are exhausted all the time. Memories from home keep me going, I guess." When asked about the most exciting thing he has experienced so far Cross said "Exciting? I don't think that word fits here. It's one day at a time. We've been in too many fire fights." When asked about how proud he feel being a Lieutenant, Cross said, "Somebody had to do it." A humble response for sure.

     When not in active combat, his men are busy searching for Charlie, digging trenches, and visiting with the locals. Clearly, the Vietnamese folks appreciate their presence. "One time we came to a village and a few locals spoke to us."

     Cross's leadership is clear as there has only been one casualty in his platoon, Ted Lavender. His death is questionable, anyway, as he was rumored to be inebriated when shot.

     The vets down at the Chicken Coop have lots to say to and about Cross. "He's doing his duty, that boy. He ain't one of those traitors who are hiding in Canada," said Loyd Johnson, owner of Johnson Butchers and Taxidermy.

    Cross emphasized that he has a great platoon. "We've got Rat Kiley who never seems to miss anything. He's the medic and carries everything from M&Ms to compresses." In addition to Kiley, Cross leads another Minnesota native, Henry Dobbins, who has the proud honor of being the platoon's machine gunner. 

     "It's heavy, but I'm big," said Dobbins. "And because of my size I don't have to go crawling in any tunnels or nothing."

      Cross said he has never been in better physical condition in his life. "We walk- we call it humping. We carry everything on our backs: c-rations, weaponry, first aid, letters home, compresses to stop the bleeding. We carry bug spray that doesn't help. Flak jackets that hardly work. Rain jackets that don't keep us dry. Everything."

       Way to go Jimmy! He is a true American hero!





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